Shelley Williams filmmaker · director · producer

Future Projects | Feature Film

No Destination

No Destination (90 minutes)

Writer Robin Mukherjee, Director/Producer Shelley Williams, Executive Producer, Keith Griffiths.
A Reel Soul Movies production in association with Illuminations Films.

No Destination is an epic adventure and political thriller, which follows the quest of a real-life, contemporary hero to change the world.

Tempting Fate

Tempting Fate (90 minutes)

UK/US drama/thriller. Director/Producer Shelley Williams.
A Reel Soul Movies production.

Set in the Southwestern American desert in the early 1940s, TEMPTING FATE is the story of what comes from invoking forces that one neither fully understands nor controls.

“Was the energy in the atom so very different from that which slept in the waiting seed, in the store that pulsed under the fingers that touched it.”