Shelley Williams filmmaker · director · producer


Shelley Williams studied Photography, Film & Television, B.A. (Hons) at Middlesex. She began her career in production working with producers Keith Griffiths, John Ellis and Simon Hartog on Visions, Channel Four's cinema series. Here she worked on short pieces for television with director's Chris Petit, Neil Jordan and Sally Potter.

Shelley went on to production manage, produce and direct documentaries, animation and live action drama for Channel Four, BBC, The Arts Council of Great Britain and the British Film Institute (BFI), as well as direct and produce her own work for cinema and television. She completed her M.A. History of Film and Visual Studies at Birkbeck College, University of London.

After working in development on singles/series for film and television she is now back in the production saddle directing and producing drama, feature and documentary work often through her company Reel Soul Movies.

I do think Shelley has a strong sense of style and a keen ability to tell stories that appeal to a cinematic audience.

Lee Magiday, Former Executive, Universal Studios.